Importance Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy leads to changes in the body and emotions also has been proven that exercise during pregnancy helps prevent back pain, non-intact body conditions, Cramp legs, weight gain unwanted. Sports are also preparing the body for the effort, which will be done during the period of labor, but it is important to consult a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology before you follow any of the following exercises.

Importance of exercise during pregnancy

Pelvic floor exercises

5rtfyghThese exercises are known as exercises “Kegel,” which is not only equipped with pelvic floor muscles for labor, but for the rest of your life as well. These exercises are a catch and loosen the muscles of the pelvic. If neglected these muscles weakened and may lead to weak women control the bladder and the incidence of urinary incontinence.

Exercises aerobics

These exercises focus on the upper and lower limbs. Upper legs need to strengthen to equip the conditions that are required for some activities during the postpartum period, such as feeding. These parts must be enhanced so that it can carry extra weight derived from your body during pregnancy.

Exercises light of the abdomen and back

The change in the position of your body during pregnancy as a result of excess weight at the front of it as well as weakness and increased pressure on the abdominal and back muscles, all that can induce severe pain during pregnancy.

Breast exercises

This is an important exercise to maintain the shape of your breasts, which may change as a result of changes that occur to their size during pregnancy and lactation.

Breathing exercises and relaxation

This exercise learns the pregnant importance of oxygen and how to use it is to help them control pain during labor. This exercise contributes to relieve stress, which may shorten the duration of labor. That the hormone “oxytocin” in charge of contractions, sifted better when you relax and including that exercise eases pressure nervous, the hormone is secreted

Compensate for lost fluids

Drink before, during and after exercise. Not even confident of getting my especially in hot weather – just drink as much as you wait. Drinking water helps to avoid an occurrence of muscle tension and water retention in the body.

Wear appropriate clothing

65trfgdyhbjn Wore a broad and elastic clothing, and was keen to be made of natural fabrics -including your underwear, which should be cotton to allow your body to breathe. To protect your feet and joints, it must be a sports shoe suitable for game, which you will be asked by a sound and measured.

Avoid certain exercises

Avoid abdomen exercises that rely on lie down on your back and then does the lifting of the head and chest area because during pregnancy are abdominal and back muscles are weak not advised this kind of exercise, and the exercises tighten the toes forward may cause the occurrence of spasm muscular.