Natural allergy remedies

Some of us have various forms of allergies. Though allergies are seasonal, some of us do not have to wait for seasons to change. We encounter our allergens on a day to day basis. If we are not allergic to pollen during spring, then we are allergic to dust if it does not rain for a while. If not the two, then we have problems with industrial smoke and so many other forms of allergens.

In this article, we will focus on the type of allergen and its possible remedy.

Pollen allergy remedy

Honey is one of those things that you can use whenever spring and cold seasons approach. Honey is generally known to be a natural antibiotic, and apart from its ability to combat common colds, it is an excellent remedy for pollen allergy during spring. In fact, research suggests that one to two spoonfuls of honey a day before spring sets in can naturally act as a dose of immunity protecting you from pollen allergies to come. So, when spring approaches, get your honey ready!

Dust allergy remedies

The only way to combat dust is to keep off dust particles and dust elements that can trigger a reaction, especially to your nose. Keep windows closed, make sure you wash your laundry often and keep your hair clean at all times. When outdoors, minimize your exposure to dust by wearing a hat and carrying a handkerchief ready to cover your nose whenever dust is blown your direction. Dust can cause stuffy noses or asthma attacks. In this case, saline drops, decongestants, ginger tea and spicy foods will help clear a stuffy nose.

Environmental allergy remedies (smoke, industrial fumes, pets, and air)

The best way to deal with this kind of allergen is to keep off the area. If not, then necessary measures like wearing a mask or gloves when handling pets can all help keep off this kind of allergens. If your immune system has been triggered and you happen to have a reaction, probiotics, over-the-counter counter anti-allergies can help stabilize the situation.

Food allergies remedies

hdhdd64Heard of peanut allergies? The only way to save yourself from having an allergenic reaction is keeping off food substances that could trigger a reaction. This can be done by making sure that each time you buy food, double check the ingredients to make sure that you do not end up consuming what could pose a health risk for you. This applies to restaurants too. Ask for the ingredients used to make the meal you are about to eat to avoid complications and unnecessary reactions.

The only way to make sure that you do not expose your self to triggers is by making sure you stay away from them. It is easy to avoid allergens although sometimes we cannot avoid them but trying as much as we can to keep off these triggers can save us a whole lot of cash from medications which could have been avoided through proper measures. So, keep yourself unexposed, and you will be safe. However, if a reaction occurs, and natural remedies do not work, seeking help from a doctor should be your next move.